I just want to be whelmed.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about being busy. It’s something we all talk about all the time. It’s the fodder for countless memes:

emails adult

too busy

too busy 2

It’s also something I both chase and run from on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I chase it, because I’m afraid if I’m not busy enough, I’ll be bored or lonely or sad. So I make plans to go to dinner or drinks or a workout class or an event every night after work.

At ABT with my BFF seeing Misty Copeland in Swan Lake!
I fill my weekends with trips to visit friends in other cities. I study my vacation calendar to make sure I’m using every last day to do something AWESOME.

In Monaco for mom’s birthday and the Grand Prix!
I am constantly busy working on making sure that I am busy. And most of it is really fun! But then at some point…I break.

Sometimes I realize that I’m at my breaking point when something really stupid at work makes me cry. Like constructive criticism that is delivered with kindness and shouldn’t be upsetting AT ALL. Or what finally breaks me is getting sick (clearly my body’s last resort when I don’t listen to the tired/cranky/frustrated message it’s sending me to try to say that I need to take a breather). And so I finally take a break. I look at my calendar, cancel anything that isn’t essential and get super excited for a whole weekend with no plans.

On Friday night, I’m ecstatic! I get home, order dinner, watch everything that’s waiting for me on DVR, go to bed early, and feel wonderfully relaxed and happy.

Saturday morning, I wake up, bake muffins, read the newspaper, and marvel at the fact that I have a whole two days to do nothing.

And then the feeling I was worried about slowly creeps in. I’m a little bored. A little lonely. And as a result, a little sad. I went from being overwhelmed to being underwhelmed. That transition was from 60 to 0. And it’s a problem.

The solution? I think I need to just be whelmed.


Which according to Bianca, you can be in Europe. Luckily, I’m headed to Europe on Thursday. Here’s hoping I can find that happy “whelmed” place while I’m gone.

If not…at least thinking about this conundrum brought me back to the blogosphere! Hoping to get back into #myroutinemaintenance this summer. But for now…anybody have any advice on how to get to that “whelmed” place when I’m back from vacation? Hit me in the comments!


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