From a Factory to a Restaurant

It’s been a while since I’ve done any “routine maintenance.” That’s in part because back in early November, my plan for my next post was to write about being at the Javits Center for Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech after the election. That didn’t exactly go as planned…though I do still plan on writing a post about that evening at some point. I’m just not quite there yet. So instead, I return to the blogging world with the routine maintenance of going out for a drink with my parents.

I know. I know. This isn’t exactly outside my routine. I was raised by wasps. We drink. A lot. But this particular drink happened in a very special location. We went to a new restaurant in our hometown called Fiamma Centro. It just opened about a week ago and it’s one of those places that took an industrial space and turned it into a trendy spot.


Normally, the idea of taking my parents to a trendy restaurant (and not just the Country Club) would be routine maintenance in and of itself. But this was even more special than that. Because Fiamma Centro is located in the building my dad owned for twenty years! We literally had a drink in the space that used to be his office where he managed his manufacturing business. And had they had a table for us (this place is new and cool so we could not get a reservation for 7pm!) we would have eaten dinner in his old factory.

Because we were there to celebrate hometown/family pride, I had to have a local Rochester beer! I chose the Three Heads Rochestafarian. And though I normally prefer a wheat beer, I enjoyed it!

It’s weird to think that I just had a beer in a space where as a baby I slept in a carrier while my dad’s dog growled to protect me from the mailman (oh to own your own company and be allowed to bring both your dog and your baby to work!). Where as a little kid, I played with a typewriter and phones and all the post-it notes I could find in the sales offices. Where as an older kid, I played floor hockey on roller blades with my brother when the factory was closed on the weekends. And where on Take Your Daughter to Work Day, I screen-printed and (helped) sew my own duffle bag in the factory. So much of my childhood took place in that big old warehouse of a building. And now it’s a place to drink craft beer and eat fancy pizza.

Things change. Just because a space is no longer quite right for my dad’s factory, that doesn’t mean it can’t become something different and equally great. And when I asked my (in his 70s) dad if it was weird to think about the world changing, he said “Yes, but it’s a good thing. It has to.”

Wise words. Though if you asked him the same thing about his world changing from a flip phone to an iPhone 7, he’d tell you that a “smart” phone is actually really “stupid.”

Baby steps. But that’s okay. His factory didn’t turn into a trendy new pizza place overnight. And he won’t be face-timing me anytime soon….


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  1. Bec says:

    ‘I was raised by wasps. We drink. A lot’ hahaha! Can relate.

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