Lady Liberty via Staten Island Ferry

Whenever friends come to visit me in NYC, I try to have at least one fun thing in mind to entertain them with. And since starting this blog, I feel like it’s even more important! Because now all of my friends know that I’m on the hunt to try new things and go to new places and find fun everywhere! This summer, my friend Sarah actually sent me a good morning text (while she was upstairs at my parents’ lake house and I was downstairs) that said, “You wanna go blog some sh*t? ;o)” And obviously, the answer is always: YES! But I digress…

One of my college BFFs, Megan came to visit this weekend and so I knew I needed a fun plan! I started by getting tickets to Drunk Shakespeare (which was just as funny the second time and highly recommended!). But since I’d already done that for the blog, it didn’t count as routine maintenance. So what did count? A ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Megan was totally game! She had never been to Staten Island and wanted to set foot there so she could say she’d been to all five boroughs!

Saturday was a great day for this activity. (This is one of those moments when I wish text could be color-coded for tone. You should read sarcasm there.) It was cold and rainy. But that couldn’t stop our fun! After brunch, we set out on our adventure. It’s pretty amazing that this boat ride is free and gives you such great views! But because it’s free, we weren’t entirely sure what to do when we got to the terminal. Because you don’t have to buy a ticket or line up in an orderly fashion to get your ticket checked. So we just joined the big crowd of people and figured that following them would be the best course of action. It was! The ferry ran about every half hour so we were able to board pretty quickly. As we pulled away from the dock, we got a great view of the city:


Then we spent some time trying to figure out what the tall buildings across from Manhattan were. After much discussion, we remembered that we had google machines and looked it up. It was Jersey City.

It was pretty windy and cold, but the ride is only 25 minutes so we sucked it up and touristed it up with some photos of Lady Liberty and also some selfies, of course!

I bet if I ran those clouds through the right filters, it would look like Lady Liberty was preparing for The Day After Tomorrow!
Lady Liberty WAY in the distance!

Once we got to Staten Island, our plan was to grab a drink and then take the ferry back to Manhattan. We started at a little pub near the ferry. But it was sort of one of those situations where the non-locals walk in and the music stops and everyone stares. Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad. But it was really quiet and we just felt like maybe it wasn’t going to be the most fun drink in the world. We ended up just getting a drink in the ferry terminal—which was actually pretty great because you get a view of the water! We also documented our visit to Staten Island with some photos. The wind made them feel extra glamorous (or like a struggle…I guess this is one of those glass half full or half empty moments!)

Glamorous wind-blown hair?

Moral of the story? The Staten Island Ferry is a great free boat ride and I definitely shouldn’t have waited ten years to give it a try!

Also? Riding a boat on a cold, windy, sort of rainy day to a place you don’t really need to go can seem like a super fun activity if you’ve got a BFF by your side!

Getting the lighting right on both us and the statue was impossible! But that didn’t stop our fun!

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