5 Things I Loved at Cooper Hewitt

If I had to name my “museum tour” of NYC, I’d call it, “Actually Going Inside the Places I Walk By All the Time.” I walk by the Cooper Hewitt Museum every time I go for a run in Central Park. And yet in ten years, I’ve never been inside. So a couple weekends ago, I saw that tickets were just $5 for a limited time only. It was time for a visit.

Turns out tickets were $5 (it’s $16 normally) because a lot of the museum was closed while they put up new installations. Not the end of the world. It meant I could do the whole museum in an hour. And that’s exactly how long my museum attention span lasts. Here are 5 things I loved:


This Tiffany lamp. The dragonfly shade was cool, but I really loved the base of the lamp. Sort of seemed like lily pads! There was a bunch of cool Tiffany stuff there.


This more modern installation of shoes and mirrors. It’s part of a series where artists get to select items from the museum’s collection for their exhibit. This Thom Browne exhibit is only up until October 23rd so get there fast if you want to check it out!


These pill lights. I think weird/cool lamps might become my next obsession. You might recall my most recent purchase of a unicorn lamp from this post.


This staircase and other little models of staircases. They were all so intricate and cool. This one kind of looked like it belonged on the Titanic. The model stairs also led to nowhere which was sort of interesting to think about. Also the real staircase in the museum made me think of Downton Abbey. I may have pretended to be Lady Mary for a minute or two.


This evolution of technology. I mean, calculator to ipad? Wow. Reminds me of one of my favorite facts: Apollo 11 went to the moon with a less powerful computer than your iphone. Mind blown. (Also if the iPhone 7 is going to take away my headphone jack it sure as hell better fly me to the moon and back.) So much has changed in the world.

As I’m writing this post, this one also makes me think about one of my last interactions with my grandmother. When she was born, there was no television (in private homes). A few weeks before she died, she facetimed with my sister on my ipad. And afterward she cried and said “That was amazing.” Because she was so happy to see my sister one more time. But also because she was in awe of the way the world had changed in her lifetime. It makes me wonder what will change in mine…



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