#Kidding Is an Apology to Your Eight-Year-Old Self

Yesterday we talked about #adulting and how it’s really just pissing off your eight-year-old self. So today let’s apologize to eight-year-old you. Let’s work on some #kidding. #kidding is doing something because it is fun or irresponsible or because you’re curious. And I think it’s a very important part of being an adult. Here’s how I #kid:


I buy silly home decor (when I really love it). I walked by this majestic unicorn at…you guessed it, Target!…and thought OMG I need that! But then I was like “no, that’s for a kid.” And then a louder voice in my head was like, “You live alone in an apartment where you can make all of the decisions. Name one REAL reason (meaning not “because you’re an adult”) that you shouldn’t buy this lamp.” I couldn’t come up with anything. Because I could afford to buy it and I kind of needed a new lamp anyway (this is not a lie, my mom would be the first to tell you that my living room is too dark). Eight-year-old me was practically cartwheeling through the store when I made the decision to buy it.

I buy a candy bar after I go skiing. When I was little, we skied almost every weekend at a small family-oriented ski club. And at the end of every day, the parents would all be reorganizing the lockers full of equipment while the kids would crowd around the vending machine and stare at all of the magical sugar. When parents walked by, the children who belonged to them would beg for quarters. I’m not sure how often my parents said yes, but it was infrequent enough that now when I go skiing, I buy myself a candy bar just because I can. Sometimes I don’t even eat it right away. But I owe it to eight-year-old me to buy that candy bar!


I try new activities. Yeah…so I guess a big part of this blog is remembering to act like a kid and be curious again. To get rid of the fear that sometimes comes with adulthood. That means taking ice skating lessons even though  I was afraid I’d look like Uncle Jesse, or going to a painting class even though I didn’t think I’d be good at it, or hiking in the glen even though I was pretty sure it would be dangerous.

I don’t ever want to lose that curious, fun-loving, eight-year-old view of the world. So in between eating healthy meals, cleaning my apartment, paying my bills, and all that other #adulting, I’m always going to make room in my schedule for #kidding. And just because it’s fun, here’s more #kidding:

Sparkly nail polish. (Even though you know it’s gonna be hell to get it off.)

Staying up way too late on a week night watching kid movies (like Free Willy) on Netflix.

Recreating the best snack food of all time when you throw a Fuller House viewing party:


Asking your friends questions like “What would you do if you saw the dark mark in the sky right now?”

Being friends with people like Joanna who respond with “Jump for joy because that means Harry Potter is real!”

And being friends with people like Sarah who discovered that the soap at my parents’ house looks like Voldemort…and then randomly texted a photo of it to me repeatedly:

The Soap Who Must Not Be Named

Pretending a sparkler is a magic wand and yelling “It’s Levi-O-sa. Not Levio-SA” at anyone who will listen. (Basically if you don’t like Harry Potter, you don’t know how to #kid.)

Nutella. On a spoon.

Asking your friends questions like “If you could have any super power, what would it be?” (Teleportation. ALWAYS.)

Driving two hours out of the way on a road trip because your sister found a “mountain coaster” and we HAVE to try that. Two hours for two minutes of pure joy:


How do you #kid?


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Wen Baragrey says:

    Owning more dogs than I have any business owning. Staying up late watching Netflix and then sleeping in (my personal fave). Playing legos and making train tracks with the kids. Crocheting a jacket based on Mrs. Weasley’s ones in the movies (although I’m not sure that’s totally #kidding), even though it doesn’t really get cold enough here for any jackets at all.
    And last but not least, refusing to worry that I have way more #kidding entries than #adulting.


  2. I absolutly loved this post. I will be following you because of it 🙂


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