Pumpkin Spice Oreos: A Review

Let’s be honest, fall is really just pumpkin spice marketing season. So when we picked up our Pumpkin Spice Cheerios we couldn’t resist a package of Pumpkin Spice Oreos to go with them! I love the experimenting Oreo had been doing with their flavors in recent years. I had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos that were to die for! Though I do still think dipping regular Oreos in peanut butter is better. Thank you Lindsay Lohan!

The Parent Trap still

So once again I enlisted my family as taste testers. My sister and I also had new matching t-shirts for the occasion. Because we’re just really #basic witches…


First we tried just taking a bite of the complete cookie. These definitely taste more like pumpkin than the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios did. The flavor isn’t strong, which is good because it’s not over-powering. I’d say they taste like Golden Oreos with a subtle kick of pumpkin spice. I like them, but I wouldn’t pick them over regular Golden Oreos. Here’s what the judging panel had to say:

Sister: “They taste a little pumpkin-y.”

Mom: “I like them. Subtle hint of pumpkin.”

And then this happened…

Me: “Would you like to try a Pumpkin Spice Oreo and give us your review?”

Dad: “Absolutely not.”

Yeah, he’s a picky eater. He loves junk food, but he’s not adventurous and he has weird rules about food. Like he won’t eat breakfast food for dinner. Which is just weird. Breakfast for dinner is the best! But I digress…back to the panel.

Once again my sister’s boyfriend was a great taste tester:


His review? “I really like Oreos so they’re pretty good.”

Next I felt I needed to try the classic “twist the Oreo and lick the cream” taste test:


Meh. The pumpkin cream is okay, but I think they’re better if you just bite them like a normal sandwich cookie. (It’s worth noting that I also feel this way about regular Oreos.) I did not try them dunked in milk because I don’t like regular Oreos that way. I’m just not really a big milk drinker. I put it on my cereal, but then I eat my cereal at warp speed so that it can’t get soggy.

The next day, we had a few cookies left so I enlisted my friend Lindsay to offer her review. She left us with some interesting thoughts to ponder:

“I like it, but I wouldn’t call it an Oreo. Is Oreo a brand or a type of cookie?”

What do you think? Are you an Oreo purist like Lindsay?


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  1. HermitCrab says:

    I think I may be an Oreo purist…except I wholly endorse the union of Oreo and peanut butter.

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    1. Agreed! Though I almost bought S’mores Oreos yesterday…

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      1. HermitCrab says:

        Mmm I dont know about that…s’mores may be crossing a line…


  2. A little worried about trying this,only because sometimes pumpkin spice can be a bit too much for certain “junk foods” lol but I have to say if I do I will definitely be dunking it in a nice cold glass of milk because that’s what you do with Oreo’s after all!

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  3. I have been wanting to try these… But i like how you ask is oreo a brand or a type of cookie?! They shouldn’t try to change their taste TOO much..it is an oreo after all…
    Check out my latest baking post at https://courtneylivin.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/baking-for-days/

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