Six Things I Loved at the Morgan Library

After seeing the Fug Girls chronicle the Charlotte Brontë exhibit at the Morgan Library on Snapchat, I decided I needed to go check it out myself. I got in free with my work ID, but for you it’s $20 general admission or $13 with a student ID. And on Fridays, it’s free from 7pm-9pm. (Side note: If you go on a Friday, you should also grab a beer at The Ginger Man down the block. They have a HUGE selection and it’s where I first discovered my love of Leffe Blonde!) So here’s what I loved at the library today:


Mr. Morgan’s Study. Wow. This room was so beautiful. I loved the giant fireplace and the red wallpaper. There’s also a cool little vault in the corner where he kept his most valuable manuscripts. If I had a study like this, I would do A LOT more studying.


The Library. According to a note about the room, there are hidden doors that take you to staircases up to the other two levels of books. All I want in life is to pull a book off a shelf and discover it opens a secret door. If only they weren’t so weird about you touching stuff in museums…which brings me to one little complaint about the museum. I think because it’s a smaller, more intimate environment, it really feels like the security guard in each room is watching you intensely. This, of course, made me afraid I was going to touch the paintings, take photos with a flash, or just generally do something wrong. I’m such a rule follower…but if someone is watching me and waiting for me to break a rule, I immediately think I’m going to! I feel the same way in stores when I think an employee is watching me to make sure I don’t shoplift. I’m suddenly convinced that I will accidentally shoplift. And then in an effort to look innocent, I’m pretty sure I make myself look VERY guilty.


Charlotte Brontë’s dress. She was such a tiny woman! The sign said she was 4’8″. That’s like Simone Biles size! Maybe Charlotte should have been gymnast! And her (corseted) waist was like 19 inches. It looked SO small on this dress. And so did her shoes!


These noses. At age fourteen, Charlotte drew these noses in a sketchbook. They just made me laugh. Also? If you get famous enough, literally anything you’ve ever done could end up in a museum. #weird


Charlotte’s teeny, tiny handwriting. They actually had magnifying glasses around the exhibit. Which was just kind of fun! (It’s worth noting I was the youngest person in this exhibit by about 20 years. So I had to pretend to be all serious, when really I wanted to sneak around the exhibit with a magnifying glass pretending to be Scooby-Doo. This is why my attention span for museums tops out at about an hour!)


This judgmental chick. Come on, doesn’t she just look like she’s judging you? She seems to be part of the permanent collection and the note said that she’s either an important older piece of art or a forgery from later years. My vote is on forgery. But I guess either way she’s famous now because even the forgery would be old. (Yeah, I did a really good job remembering the details on this one…)

The Charlotte Brontë exhibit runs through January 2nd, 2017 if you want to check it out!



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  1. wow, that is really cool. I’d love to see that exhibit…thank you for sharing your experience!

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