I’m Basically Julia Child

In my twenties, my routine eating habits were a combination of ordering in, bowls of cereal, and snack food at happy hour. It was fun. It was delicious. And it was expensive. Now that I’m in my thirties, I like the idea of #adulting and actually cooking real meals (and not just the super easy tacos that were my go-to “cooking” attempt in my twenties). It turns out I’ve started this “shake up my routine” blog at the perfect time. Because you know who else started cooking at age thirty-two?


If Julia Child started at my age and “grew up” to be Julia Child, surely I have time to become at least as good in the kitchen as my mom (who is famous among my friends for her chocolate chip cookies, her buffalo chicken dip, and her taco dip!). Though it is worth noting that Julia Child appears to own a rolling pin in this photo. So far, my rolling pin-required recipes have all been made with wine bottles wrapped in saran wrap. So maybe I’m going to be more like the love-child of Julia and MacGyver? Just in case you want to know what that looks like, I made this on makemebabies.com:

What a precious little bundle of joy!

Okay, now that we got that tangent out of the way, let’s talk about what I cooked recently. My current food blog obsession is Half Baked Harvest. So on my last summer weekend up at my parents’ house, I knew I needed to make something with peaches. I mean, is there a better summer treat than farm fresh peaches?


So I found this recipe for Brown Sugar Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Peach Crisp. Half Baked Harvest filed it under breakfast, but it sounded like dessert to me! I was determined to make it myself, but my mom hung out with me while I worked and she had two good suggestions.


1. Add blueberries for extra flavor. 2. Cut my butter cubes a little bigger. (When I started the recipe I was cutting tiny butter cubes…the longer I worked, the bigger they got. Eventually you just get bored of cutting butter! And doubling this recipe to make enough for the family and friends coming to dinner that night meant I had to use 3 full sticks of butter!)

Getting ready to work the butter into the topping!

I cooked the crisp for about 30 minutes after I finished preparing it. Then let it cool and refrigerated until dinner time. I put it back in the oven in to finish it while we ate grilled chicken, zucchini, and corn on the cob. (A perfect end of summer dinner. Is there anything better than farm fresh corn on the cob?). Then it was time to plate the dish. I had read some reviews that it was more of a “soupy” consistency than other crisp recipes so I served it in shallow bowls with vanilla ice cream.


It was delicious! Soupy? Yes. But so warm and caramel-y! (And it had three sticks of butter in it…so how could it be bad?!) My friend Sarah’s review: “Amazing homemade peach crisp. So rustic—yes, a bit watery, but have you ever made a crisp, asshole? I wanted a straw.”

I love how her review is positive, but honest and defends me at the same time. I do think I’ll use less butter next time (in the fruit part, not the topping.) But that’s beside the point. Because really I think the most important review was the empty bowls and the thumbs up:



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