Summer Sunrise

Every time I’m at my parents’ lake house, I say “I want to get up for sunrise” and then I never do. Because it sounds like a good idea until you have to set an alarm for it. But this morning, I woke up early naturally. (Well, not totally naturally. After too much wine last night, I woke up with a headache needing water.)

It was 6:23 so I hopped on google and found out sunrise was at 6:38. Jackpot! Only one other family member was awake…though he was still very tired:


The sky looked awesome at first and I couldn’t wait for the main event. I was just going to sit on the beach, get a couple of great shots of the sunrise and then go right back to bed!

No filters on this! Just what my iPhone captured.

I have many photos of this pink sky. It was a long wait for the sun. Luckily I had a buddy who decided to come and sit next to me by the water:

Oh man. Too-much-wine-last-night-pre-coffee-selfies are not so beautiful. But Baron looks fantastic! As always.

After more failed selfie attempts and more pink sky photos, I decided to go inside for a donut. Then finally the sun started to peek over the hill.


I immediately wanted to break out into the Lion King song…but with everyone else still sleeping with their bedroom windows open, I didn’t think that was the best plan. If only Baron was still a puppy, I could have silently held him up like Simba! Instead I just sat and watched the sun wash over my neighbors’ houses at the far end of the cove until it finally drenched our house in morning light:


Labor Day always feels like the last day of summer (even if it is going to be 90 degrees when I get back to NYC this week!) so it was the perfect morning to squeeze in a summer sunrise!


[Note to self for next summer: that hill made sunrise 50 minutes later than google said it would be!]


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