8 Things I Loved at The Met

2016-08-13 14.37.05

The free air-conditioning. Yup. Sorry artwork, but it’s 97 degrees in NYC today. And my phone says it feels like 109 so my #1 motivator for visiting the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art was the air conditioning and lack of humidity. (I get in free because my company has some sort of corporate deal, but you can too because the $25 admission fee is only a suggestion.)


All the little figurines. I like these for the nostalgia factor. They look like the little tchotchkes all over my grandma’s house. You know, the ones that looked like toys but you were not allowed to touch under ANY circumstances? Yeah, you’re not allowed to touch them at the museum either.

2016-08-13 12.52.15

The furniture. It’s amazing to see the craftsmanship that went into creating furniture way back when. You know what’s behind those wardrobe doors? Narnia! You know what’s behind the doors of your Ikea furniture? Corporate greed. Wow…that got dark real quick. But seriously, I don’t own any furniture that could even begin to trick me into thinking there’s a magical world inside it.

2016-08-13 12.52.25

This dude who was totally giving me side-eye.

2016-08-13 13.07.03

Pretty much anything equestrian. I really love horses. Though it seems sort of evil to carve a beautiful horse into the handle of a whip that was likely used to whip horses, no?

2016-08-13 13.20.17 (1)

The replicas of “olden days” rooms. (Olden days is an official time period. I think it came right after the “days of yore.”) If I could time travel, I’d want to go back to either the 1700s or 1800s. I want to live like I’m Felicity Merriman or Lady Mary. Though I would prefer to keep indoor plumbing if possible. And also women’s rights. I remember Felicity had some issues with being a girl and thus not being allowed to do fun things like ride horses. And I read an interview about Downton Abbey where the actors speculated that Lady Mary and Lady Edith were so mean to each other because they were so bored. So…yeah, maybe I don’t want to live back then…just visit and play around in the costumes for a bit?

2016-08-13 13.33.18

This famous painting. I don’t think I knew it was at The Met (or if I did know, I had forgotten) and it is SO impressive. It’s gigantic and seeing it as I turned the corner in another gallery stopped me in my tracks. This is why it’s so important to be a tourist in your own city. It’s so easy to ignore the fact that this really famous painting is living just a few blocks away from me. I should probably visit it more often.

2016-08-13 13.55.01

This ice cream cone. Because that “few block” walk home would have been unbearable without one.



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