5 Questions We Missed at Friends Trivia

Could I BE any more obsessed with Friends? Nope. I have seen every episode many, many times. I own seasons 1-8 on DVD. (I think by the time 9 and 10 came around, people didn’t buy DVDs anymore.) I find ways to reference the show in many/most situations. I mean, I own a Friends cookbook! So when I found out there was a company that does Friends trivia nights around NYC, I knew I needed to get to one! And in a weird twist of fate, the most recent one was at Abbey Tavern–obviously this was fate! (For those of you who don’t know, Abbey is my last name!)

2016-08-10 19.34.13 (2)

So I convinced two friends to go with me. We exchanged emails about Friends Trivia and team names (and decided on Regina Phalange’s Banana Hammocks) and then showed up ready to win…sort of. We had to share a table with another team who had been to Friends Trivia before and they warned us it was hard.

It. Was. So. Hard. Here are five questions we missed:

What is Chandler Bing’s Job?


HAHAHA…yeah, right. Like I would miss that question. Though…do we know what his actual job is?

What address does Chandler give Janice when he says he is moving away? 

We came close on this one. It was:

15 Yemen Road, Yemen

We guessed 1 Yemen Street, Yemen. Close enough? Not for this intense game! But can we just discuss how that episode was pre-9/11 so Janice got to walk Chandler practically ON to the plane? This plot line would never have worked in today’s world where your family and friends have to say goodbye to you on the other side of a fence before you get strip-searched.

The next round was all quotes where you had to identify the speaker…and it was hard! Here’s our score sheet (and yes, that is a TV Guide addressed to Miss Chanandler Bong:



Who said: “Oh my God! You look so fantastic! On my way over I pictured what you would like in my mind’s eye. And now I am like “mind’s eye, you had no idea!”?

We guessed David for this one…which was a good guess since it was said by one of Phoebe’s love interests. But now that I’ve looked up this quote, I can’t believe we missed it! It’s from an episode called The One In Massapequa and one of my friends is from Massapequa and we were JUST talking about how Alec Baldwin is from there. How did she miss this one? The correct answer was Parker, Phoebe’s annoying date played by Alec Baldwin:


What is the first thing Rachel said after Ross says he read her 18 page letter? 

I thought about these episodes before the trivia night because I thought it might inspire a question or two (about jellyfish or waxine or the letter–all of which did appear over the course of the night), but I did not actually re-watch it. So my guess was: “Do you?” because I thought she was asking him if he feels bad about what he did…but the correct answer was “Does it?” because she says “If you can accept full responsibility [for everything that went wrong in the relationship] I can begin to trust you again. Does that seem like something you can do? Does it?”

In the next round, we had to identify characters…this was actually one of the easier ones:


Sorry this photo isn’t great. The shadows in the bar were weird and that wet spot is from the glass of Abbeys Lemonade (gin, cucumber and lemonade, YUM) I was drinking. We got a few of these wrong. We knew Rebecca Romijn (Stamos, at the time) was a girlfriend of Ross’s but we didn’t know her name was Gretchen (for things we didn’t know we just assigned names of our friends/family!). We thought that first guy was from when Joey was on the short-lived TV show, Mac & Cheese…so we named him Cheese even though we knew that was actually the name of the robot. But the answer that irks me is The Chick and The Duck. OF COURSE WE KNOW THAT’S THE CHICK AND THE DUCK. And I am like 90% sure that the chick’s name is Yasmine…but they were just looking for “The Chick and The Duck”. Sigh.

So that’s my summary of Friends trivia. It was fun and I’d like to do it again…after I study/binge watch all 10 seasons. We came in 13th place out of 20ish teams which is better than I do at just a general trivia night, but not good enough that I would bet my apartment on the next round!

friends bet



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynsey says:

    Friends Trivia sounds amazing! I wish they did a Harry Potter version 🙂


    1. They do! Check out their site! They have tons of themes all over the city!


      1. Lynsey says:

        Unfortunately I am in the UK


      2. Oh…well then you’re lucky to be in the land of Harry Potter! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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