Fail to Plan…#winning

When my sister and I arrived in Vancouver, we didn’t have much of a plan. We knew we wanted to walk around the city, check out the capilano bridge, and see some of the beautiful parks, but we didn’t really know where to go, or what to do first, or where anything was in relation to anything else….

We woke up on Saturday morning at 6am (still on East Coast time and we’re hoping to stay that way for the whole trip!) and just set out into the city to see what inspired us. But first, coffee! I wanted to check out a coffee shop near our AirBnB that I had read about in The New York Times: 36 Hours in Vancouver, but it didn’t open until 8am. So we found a place that was open 24 hours and had muffins and lattes (complete with latte art–the cherry on top!)


From there, we decided to walk to Coal Harbor and check out the beautiful views. And that is where our failure to plan turned into a total win! We saw a sea plane and decided to just wander over and check out the details for a tour on Harbour Air. Fast forward an hour and we were ready for takeoff!


I was really excited to start our vacation with such a cool excursion…but I was also a little nervous. I mean, are sea planes safe? What would takeoff feel like? And landing? Would I get motion sickness? Who cares! It was only a 20 minute flight. I can handle being a little sick for 20 minutes.

Turns out the takeoff was really easy–it felt like we were in a gentle motorboat picking up speed. And then obviously the views were incredible! We saw the city skyline:


We saw so much beautiful nature! I wish we had something like this close to NYC. We’ve been in Vancouver less than 24 hours and I already want to live here (and not just because I was scared watching Trump speak on Thursday night)!

FullSizeRender (1)

And then it was time for the landing. I tried not to let my stomach drop. One of the ways I stayed calm was keeping an eye on the (very hot!) pilot who seemed totally at ease as he maneuvered the plane to get all the best views before heading back toward the big open water “runway.” Turns out a water landing (at least a planned one!) is very gentle. It was fun to watch our little wake out the window as our plane turned into a boat. And now I can check this one off the bucket list! But the real cherry on top of the whole experience was that my sister got to ride in the cockpit! Though I did have a little freak out right before takeoff as I thought about the pilot passing out or having a heart attack or something and leaving this girl in charge:



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  1. Wow… you’re so lucky… great story!


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad we did it!

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  2. Nice photos of a beautiful city. We were there once and long to return.

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