I’ve Never Seen Ghostbusters

There are a lot of classic films that I just sort of missed as a child. Some of them I’ve caught up with as an adult like Back to the Future (though I haven’t seen the sequels), or Goonies, or Sixteen Candles. And some I still haven’t seen like The Breakfast Club, Star Wars (though I did see that random Ewoks spinoff: The Battle for Endor about 200 times…I think we taped it off the TV), and Ghostbusters. As a result, I know very little about this classic film. My knowledge of the original can be summed up as:

These Ectocooler-branded Hi-C juice boxes that I definitely drank as a child. Man, those were the good old days! When parents were allowed to buy their kids boxes of sugar. Today, giving your kid that much sugar in one serving would probably result in a visit from social services. But I digress…

The other thing I know about is the appearance of this marshmallow monster who may or may not be product placement of the Pillsbury Doughboy? I think this is what happens when he gets wet? #gremlins (A classic movie I’ve seen!)

And that’s pretty much everything I know about the original. Still, I was excited to see the remake. Why? Because this is one amazing cast! I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy since she was Sookie on Gilmore Girls. Kristen Wiig is pretty freaking awesome when she takes Ambien in Bridesmaids! And Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are two of my favorites on SNL right now! Talk about a TON of comedic talent in one movie.

So here is my I-never-saw-the-original assessment of the remake:

I love that it was self-concious of all the backlash against girl ghostbusters! It’s subtle, but they do it more than once and it made me so happy! Because, honestly, I was in a rush to see this movie after reading this NY Mag article: Seeing Ghostbusters on Opening Weekend Could Actually Help Fix Hollywood Sexism. Turned out the best I could do was the Monday after the weekend. But I hope that still helped!

I love that they turned the sexy secretary trope around. Chris Hemsworth IS fantastic to look at…even if he is basically worthless as a secretary. I wonder if there was an equivalent in the original?

Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon may not be the top billed cast members, but they absolutely stole the show! And I can’t say I’m surprised. They are fantastic on SNL. I think Kate McKinnon is my new Leslie Mann. Every time I see a Leslie Mann movie, I say “I would watch that woman narrate paint drying” and I now feel the same way about Kate McKinnon!

The cameos are great…probably even greater if you’ve seen the original! Some were even fun for me! I loved Dan Aykroyd’s appearance even though I have almost no reference point for him in the original.

The dialogue is so science-y! I feel like every other conversation went like this: “Is that the conduction of plasmic-isotope science words?” “It’s going to reverse the polarity of the science words!” I have to assume there are some amazing outtakes of Kate McKinnon just riffing on all the fake-ish science while everyone else dies laughing! I would pay to watch the outtakes of this movie! (Side note: It’s not outtakes, but do stay until the end of the credits!)

The movie is cheesy and some of the laughs are brilliant and others are kinda cheap. But I suspect that means it stayed quite close to the original? Which I might go back and watch…I hear it is one that probably stands the test of time. But for now all I know is this movie left me with some serious #SQUADGOALS!



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