Fun and Free in NYC: LOL Movies

As I’ve mentioned before, trying new things and being a tourist in my own city is awesome! But as I’ve also observed, it can be expensive. So I’ve been looking of more inexpensive or free activities. About three weeks ago, I got a daily email from Ann Taylor Loft (aka my mothership and where I buy at least 3/4s of my wardrobe–always on sale!). But this email wasn’t trying to sell me anything! It was telling me about this great free movie series. When I saw that Clueless was the first movie, I immediately forwarded the email to a friend and made plans to check it out. It was great! And I highly recommend you check out the series out here. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the summer:

Tuesday, July 19th: Pitch Perfect

Tuesday, July 26th: When Harry Met Sally

Tuesday, August 2nd: Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, August 9th: My Blind Brother (this appears to be a new movie starring Jenny Slate and Zoe Kazan)

Things you should know if you’re going to check this out:

Get there early! (There is 23rd st. and basically the East river.) They start letting you in at 7:45, but when I arrived quite close to that time, the line was already sort of long. That said, despite feeling like we were sort of far back in line, we got decent seats. The movie started around 9:00, but there was entertainment beforehand (I think music and comedy? Though I missed all of it because I was in the food truck line…more about that below.)

You don’t need to bring a blanket/chair/etc. There are chairs set up (I heard it was as many as 600?) so if you’re there early enough, you can totally get a seat. They do also have some seating on a big platform where you probably would want a blanket to sit on.

You can’t bring in your own alcohol…but they have free drinks! I didn’t actually get drinks because I waited in line for a very long time at the food truck, but I believe they were serving beer and wine.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.40.13 PM

Borrowed this photo from Roaming Hunger because my phone was dying at the event so I couldn’t take photos!

Bring your own snacks! My friend did bring snacks, but when I saw there was a pizza truck, I had my heart set on eating pizza. I waited a half hour to order and then 45 minutes to actually get the (pretty good, $12) sausage pizza I ordered. They were clearly not prepared for the number of people at the event. Maybe they’ll get more food trucks for next time, but I’d still encourage you to bring snacks instead!

So in conclusion, it was a fun, free (other than the pizza!) night in NYC. And can we just discuss how quotable Clueless is? This movie came out when I was in fifth grade. And while I definitely LOVED it then, I appreciate it so much more now. The humor in this movie is really clever. (And I still enjoy giggling at all of the innuendo that went right over my head the first time I saw it!) I wish I had written down all of the lines that stuck out to me in this viewing (it had been a while since I had watched it so I enjoyed many jokes as if they were new!). But I’ll just leave you with this one:






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  1. Outdoor movies are such a fun summer thing to do! We’re so lucky that there are so many options in the city. We hope you’re right and they up their food truck game! 🙂

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