I Went To the Movies…Alone!

I said I was having trouble following the plan for this blog. I said I hoped something would happen by chance. And this weekend…I got my wish?

I use a question mark there because my “by chance” blog activity happened because my friend got sick. And that’s not something I would ever wish for! But I guess thats the thing about “chance” it’s not something you plan or wish for.

So I had plans to see The Secret Life of Pets with my friend. We had seen the preview at Finding Dory and laughed about how my parents’ dog is definitely the same as Max in the movie when his owner leaves and he’s like “Oh, I miss her SO much!” about two seconds after she leaves. I once described this dog to my friend as “aggressive with his loving” and after she met him, she wholeheartedly agreed. He is a dog whose life motto is “why just sit near you when I could be hugging you?”:


We were excited to see the movie and since it was opening this weekend, I offered to buy tickets ahead of time to make sure we got in. But then about an hour before we were supposed to meet for dinner, my friend texted to (very apologetically) cancel because she had gotten very sick.

I was super understanding, of course, and offered to bring her gatorade or whatever she needed. But when she confirmed she was fine and just sorry that she couldn’t make the movie, I was like “well I have the tickets, so I should still go…right?” But going to the movies alone (especially on a Saturday night) just feels sort of wrong or sad. Though it’s worth noting that if Carrie Bradshaw is cool enough to do it, we should ALL do it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.23.33 PM

Photo borrowed from this blog about going to the movies alone!

And honestly, why is it weird to go to the movies alone? It’s not like you’re supposed to talk during the movie! They specifically tell you not to while you watch the dancing popcorn and candy! So off I went. Since I didn’t get to go out to dinner with my friend (and that’s not something I’ve mastered alone yet…at least not on a Saturday night!) I decided to have one of my favorites: popcorn for dinner!

And then I tried to pick a spot in the theater where I wouldn’t feel too weird about being by myself. I chose the middle of a row so that it would seem like maybe I was waiting for someone to join me. Or maybe if someone sat next to me at least everyone else (other than that person) would think I was with that person. And then I was like “WHY DO YOU CARE?” And I realized…

I know I have friends. I know I have fun plans with them all the time. And I know I can be confident enough to go to the movies alone and enjoy it. So I stopped worrying, sat back, and laughed at some crazy animals running around my city on their own. And you know what? It was a great Saturday night!




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  1. alltimejive says:

    I make it a mission to go to the movies for a solo date every few months. It’s a refreshing feeling and nothing to be ashamed of! Enjoy x


    1. I like that mission! I am definitely going to go solo again!

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  2. alltimejive says:

    Do it!! The more often you go, the more relaxed you feel within your own company. And you’ll be surprised how many others around you are doing the same thing! x

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  3. I think it is very important to do some enjoyable things alone every now and then. It puts into perspective how our lives really are, what we really want and what we miss.

    I was living in central Florida at one point, I grew up in South Florida so Disney was not a strange place to me, but when we moved to Central Florida, by Cape Canaveral, we went more often.

    Note, I said “we”. The “we” was my mom, daughter and father while he was still alive. But, when daddy passed, we still went, we just went less frequently. Then one day I went by myself. I had dropped my mom and daughter at the airport (they were flying to TN where I am now, to look for a new place for us all to live). I had a few hours and a year pass to Disney so I said, “hell why not.” I went, it was the best and most miserable time of my life.

    I literally ran through Disney, laughing, smiling, feeling free but then it all stopped. I realized the flaws of Disney, I looked up at the ceiling on the rides and saw past the magic. I started watching the people. I realized that what I loved about Disney wasn’t just the mouse, but the feeling of my family as they were with me.

    Now we are in TN. I will never go to that magical place with my family (mom, dad may he rest in peace, my daughter and now my six year old son. We are all getting older, there are mobility issues.

    So now I go to the movies alone, that’s the most I can do. I do this and I try not to think about what I am missing.


    1. I agree. I think alone time can be great for perspective. Though I love Disney so I’m not sure I want to go there alone now hearing about your experience! I guess some things are best when shared. Thank you for sharing your experience with me!


  4. Emma Kershaw says:

    I agree completely, you don’t talk in the movie so there’s no need in going with people! It’s definitely something i’m going to start doing along because too many times people bail last minute and I end up missing out!


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