If I had 400 Million Dollars

Every morning I walk by two newsstands that flash the lottery jackpots in my face. And at least once a week, I spend some time thinking about what I’d do with that amount of money. But I almost never buy a lottery ticket. Because I know I’m better off saving that couple of dollars and investing them. Though let’s be honest, I usually “invest” them in a Starbucks coffee. But this post is not about responsibility. It’s about dreams. Because for just $1, I can spend the next 24 hours dreaming about what I will do with $400+ million dollars (or really like $280+ million after taxes) when my Mega Millions ticket wins!

I would adopt a dog. I know, I know. This does not cost even close to $280 million dollars. But it’s the first thing I would do. Because I REALLY want a dog. But I know it’s a bad idea right now. I’m not home enough to give a dog the love and attention he needs. I don’t have enough extra cash lying around for a dog walker and/or doggy daycare. I just can’t give a dog the life I’d want him to have right now. But $280+ million dollars would make it easy. I wouldn’t just send him to doggy daycare, I’d send him to doggy dream camp!


I would go to Disney World whenever I want. I would fly to Orlando on a Friday night after work (I know, right? I still have a job…I definitely wouldn’t quit immediately upon winning the lottery. It would be too stressful to do that for a rule-follower like me!), spend Saturday at Magic Kingdom, have a magical day, and fly home Sunday. JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

I would buy an apartment building and move all of my best friends into it. The first floor would be a dining hall, the roof would have grills, a cool deck, and a pool. Basically it would be like college only with less studying and cheap beer and more wine, cocktails, and craft brews.

I would buy a unicorn, a mermaid, and tuition at Hogwarts….Wait, let me get this straight. I can use my money to “have a magical day” every weekend if I want to, but I can’t actually have real magic? What is the point of this lottery dream thing if I can’t have a unicorn?

Fine. If I must be “realistic” with these dreams then I would buy a ticket to a charity event that Will and Kate are also attending. Princess Kate (don’t even try to tell me to call her Duchess) would instantly realize that we were meant to be best friends and we would live happily ever after.

I would, of course, also give money to charity, and pay my bills, and make responsible investments so I don’t go broke, and do all of those important things. But like I said, this post isn’t about being responsible.

2016-06-29 23.20.56

Yeah, that’s right. I’ll share my dreams with you, but not my winning numbers! Do you have your ticket? What are your dreams?


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