Best Laid Plans

At the beginning of this month I decided I was going to blog more often. I had plans in place and things were going well. But then I went off to celebrate my brother’s wedding and didn’t have time to do any “routine maintenance” for a few days. I got back to the city and had plans to go to the Met rooftop with a friend and check out the crazy art installation (a house) that’s there right now. But then we realized the day we planned to see it was one of the days it closes at 4:30 (and that means our pesky jobs got in the way of that plan).

The next plan on the schedule was to see Fully Committed with a friend. (This whole “say yes to everything, do it for the blog” thing means I’m seeing lots of Broadway shows this summer…and spending way too much money on tickets! This appears to be a hazard of the blog. Must work on more free forms of “routine maintenance!”) We saw it and it was incredible…but I didn’t have any brilliant blog post ideas to go along with it. It was just a really great show starring a really great actor and I’m glad I said yes to that plan.

2016-06-28 21.49.53

Speaking of saying yes, I took the tram to Roosevelt Island this weekend with a friend who is moving out of the city soon and working on a bucket list of things she’s never done. I’d never taken the tram or been to the lighthouse so I was totally game. We had a great time…but I didn’t have a brilliant blog post to go with it. Just this photo:

2016-06-25 15.57.35

So I’ve been doing things. I’ve been keeping busy and stepping outside my routine in various ways…but my planned blog posts just aren’t happening. I guess I have writer’s block. And maybe that’s because I’m trying too hard to plan. I saw Finding Dory with a friend tonight (So good! See it ASAP if you haven’t already!) and was reminded that:


So I hope soon I’ll be coming to you with a blog post that happened by chance…but hopefully it’s not some grand adventure getting lost in the ocean! I don’t need that much routine maintenance!

Photo credit for Dory. 


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