“Do it for the blog!”

So far this phrase has not done me wrong. “Do it for the blog!” has talked me into learning new skills, being braver, being healthier, relaxing more…the possibilities are clearly endless! But today, I realized just how quickly that phrase could get out of hand.

When I started down the path of making little changes to my routine to interest/inspire/challenge myself, I came up with a list of things I could learn or cook or visit or try. It was sort of like an outline for what this blog would ultimately look like. I haven’t finished everything on the original list and I’ve added new ideas along the way, but I’m sort of starting to hit a wall of “the rest of the list requires more free time than I have right now” or “I’m not as excited about that thing on the list as I thought I was originally.” So I’ve been on the hunt for more ideas. It’s fun to ask “could this be routine maintenance?” every time something new or different pops up. So that brings me to the craziest thing I’ve considered thus far.

One of the really big need-to-save-for-it-and-plan-it items on my routine maintenance list is to travel alone. I’ve only ever done it once, but I loved it. It was a trip to Sydney. It was sandwiched between my best friend’s wedding in Melbourne and visiting my cousins in Queenstown, New Zealand, so it was really just a brief stopover between plenty of friends and family. But it was still four days in a new city by myself. And it was fun and empowering and made me feel so brave! I went out to dinner by myself, I bought a ticket to A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Sydney Opera House on a whim, I even did the Harbour Bridge Climb:


And yet…I haven’t traveled alone again. So obviously I need to plan something. And one of the places I’ve been thinking about is London. I studied abroad there in 2001, but I haven’t returned. There are so many places I want to go back to and see with my older/wiser eyes. My favorite restaurants on Brick Lane (that ruined Indian food for me because I still haven’t found anything better!), my favorite park to get lost in, the places I’d go when I was bored or homesick or lonely, the pub where I ran into friends from elementary school (I could never find it again, but any pub would probably do the trick nostalgia-wise!). So when I saw this tweet I thought, “It might be a splurge, but think of the epic blog post! Do it for the blog!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.53.45 PM

And then my little royal-loving heart clicked through to the link. Um…I don’t think this even qualifies as a splurge. This is something else altogether. It’s a “I won the lottery and want to do stupid things with my money.” (I think that’s a category of spending, yes?) $25,000 to spend a weekend at the estate…but if you want to actually sleep in Princess Diana’s childhood bedroom, I think you have to pay the $40,000 price tag. Or maybe rent the place out for $250,000? It’s unclear.

What is clear is that “do it for the blog!” has limitations. And so this is where I ask for your help. I do still have ideas that fit the routine maintenance plan (recipes I want to try, places I want to visit in NYC, events I want to go to, etc.), but I could use more ideas. Big and small, free, cheap, or (little) splurge, time consuming or quick, seemingly mundane or over the top. I’ll take them all! I can’t promise I’ll do each and every one, but I’m open. Lay it on me!


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  1. Aisha says:

    Yeah! I also try to be creative and tend to discover new ideas for the sake of the blog! It’s good. 😀

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  2. Bec says:

    Have you been to an Upstanding Citizens Brigade show? It’s an improv comedy night that someone recommended to me when I asked for slightly different things to do in the city. It was really cheap and so hilarious! A few famous comedians got their start there so you may get so see someone before they become famous. They have a theatre in Chelsea and on the lower east side.
    I also really wanted to eat breakfast at the Egg Shop and Sadelle’s but never got around to it. Road trip to DC?!
    Ok I promise to stop spamming you with comments now!

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