Random Recipe Tuesday

You know when plans get canceled and you’re both sad and thrilled? Because you wanted to go out, but you also really love sitting on your couch? Well, yeah, that was today for me. And that meant I could cuddle up in my sweats, catch up on my DVR, and actually cook dinner. As I was rifling through my fridge to see what my dinner options were, I noticed that I had half a can of leftover pumpkin. I eat pumpkin ALL year round. I’m either that #basic such that I can’t ever not eat pumpkin or I’m not at all basic because I eat pumpkin outside of the fall season…you decide.


Photo credit for the above brilliance.

So I started looking into how I could use up the leftover pumpkin. I’ve recently discovered Pinterest (yes, I’m usually years behind most fads) and have started following this blog: Chocolate Covered Katie. I haven’t actually tried very many of her recipes. She specializes in healthy desserts, but I’m often intimidated by them because I don’t own a food processor, have never bought coconut oil, don’t really want to buy stevia, etc. But tonight, I decided to do some routine maintenance and just get over my fear of her recipes. Because truthfully? They’re not that hard!

I decided on the Pumpkin Blender Muffins. Partly because she said the texture was similar to her Black Bean Brownies which was the first recipe of hers that I was brave enough to try and partly because I had all of the ingredients on hand. Because let’s be honest, I was already in my sweatpants, a trip to the grocery store was NOT happening.

The blender portion of this process didn’t go super well…which is why I’m not sharing a photo! But I was able to get all of the ingredients blended enough that they at least resembled raw batter. Then I decided it would be the most fun to make mini muffins. Because I love tiny things! Anyone who hangs out with me knows that every time I pick up a tiny item like, say, a plastic shot glass, I say things like “if an American Girl doll was going to a frat party, this would be her SOLO cup.”

If you clicked through to the recipe, you might be as skeptical as I was that flourless, vegan, gluten-free muffins made with chickpeas would taste good, but they’re actually pretty decent. I mean…they’re not gorgeous and they don’t taste like Starbucks’ pumpkin loaf…but they’re also about 1000x healthier and sometimes life is a tradeoff. And when my routine maintenance lets me eat muffins…I’m certainly not complaining!

2016-05-24 21.03.37


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