Drunk Shakespeare

It’s cool to live in NYC, right? There are probably a million cool things happening here at any given moment. And yet it’s so easy to spend your days going from work to the gym or happy hour and then to sleep and then repeat. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s exactly that problem that made me start this blog. It’s routine. So as part of my routine maintenance, I’m pretty much saying “yes” to everything right now. Do you want to try this new restaurant? YES! Do you want to check out this museum/show/event? YES! Do you want to run a half marathon in October? Um…yes? (That’s a post for another day…)

So when a friend emailed and said “do you want to check out Drunk Shakespeare?” obviously the answer was YES! I actually already knew about the show because I found it when I first started working on this book series:

2016-05-19 16.10.50 (1)

So a group of four of us got tickets and met up for drinks beforehand. Wanting to stay on theme, I suggested The Shakespeare for our pre-show drinks. I ordered The Bees Knees which was excellent and apparently this phrase relates back to Macbeth so it really was the perfect drink for the evening! I also had the ricotta toast…I’m not sure there’s a Shakespeare reference there, but it was amazing so I’m gonna go ahead and let that one slide. If you live in NYC, check this place out:

2016-05-19 18.49.53

After drinks and snacks, it was time to head to the theater. I forgot to take a photo of the space, but it was very cool–more like a library/bar than a theater. My friends and I were excited to laugh and love this show, but we were not as eager for the “audience participation” that some of the yelp reviews had mentioned. (We’re book people–we’re all at least a little introverted!) So when we realized we were going to be seated front and center, we did try to question it. We were told “nowhere is safe.” So I quickly downed the free shot they gave us at the door (which smelled like strawberry jello and tasted like juice). Because like karaoke, I was pretty sure I’d be better at participating in Drunk Shakespeare if I was, in fact, drunk. I then promptly ordered the Juliet from the bar. (This was a drink that sounded like it was going to be sweet and delicious, but really just tasted like whiskey with ice and a straw…that’s totally some sort of unintentional commentary on Juliet, isn’t it?)

Anyway, the show that night was Macbeth. I think it might always be Macbeth? And what changes about the show is which actor is drunk? For our show, the drunk actor was Monique. And she was great! Before the performance began, she took 4 shots of Fireball and chased it with a coke and vodka (because the bar didn’t have rum). And then it was time for the fun to begin!

The performance was absolutely hilarious! The cut-ins to discuss the logic/plot of Macbeth were both smart and funny. The pop culture references were incredibly well-played. It was one of those “my cheeks hurt from laughing/smiling so hard for 90 minutes” kind of shows! I would love to share more details, but I get the feeling they play with some of the same references and probably change up others so I don’t want to spoil any of the genius!

One highlight was when Monique basically made my friend motorboat for an uncomfortable amount of time while she (as Lady Macbeth) discussed suckling a baby at her breast. My friend was an incredibly good sport and laughed through it–and I know she was as uncomfortable as I would have been!

I didn’t take any photos of the show (I’m trying to do that thing where you actually enjoy things in the moment instead of documenting everything…though I see how that makes the blog a little less exciting. Oh well. I’m more of a words girl!), but I did snap this (out of focus/dark/awkward angle) photo of the cast. Bravo, guys! I highly recommend Drunk Shakespeare…and I’ll probably be back for an encore performance!

2016-05-19 20.58.41



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