I Stuck To My List…at Target!

When I started this blog I wanted to try to post twice a week. Which means that I have really fallen behind! I took two long weekend trips (that could probably have been blog posts in one way or another, but I decided against it) and then got horribly sick with strep. Seriously, adults should not get strep. It’s awful and they don’t even give you that yummy pink medicine. They give you big pills that are hard to swallow because you have strep throat! So when I woke up this morning, I was like “you have to do some routine maintenance today.” But the only thing on my agenda was: go to Target. So how do I shake up my routine at Target? I don’t impulse shop.

There’s a little suburbanite inside this manhattanite and she really loves Target. I get excited just walking in the door. Who knows what sorts of inexpensive treasures I might find? And the cereal…so many choices and it’s so cheap compared to my local grocery store! But going to Target in the city is sort of a hassle (at least compared to shopping in the suburbs with a car!). I have to take a bus I don’t usually take and then walk a few blocks and then whatever I buy needs to be something I can carry home with me in reverse. So as a result, I don’t go to Target very often and I keep a running list on my phone for the next time I go. But of course, I never keep to the list! I don’t know how to go to Target without buying at least 3 things I don’t need. (Okay, okay, 5.) But today was going to be different.

When I arrived at the store, I faced my first challenge. The $1 section. I rarely buy things here anymore (okay I sometimes buy things there…I needed that Treasure Troll eraser!), but I love the treasure hunt aspect of this section. I almost added “One thing from the $1 section” to my list for today. Instead, I walked right by it…and straight toward the clothes. (I know! Rookie move! But I actually did have “bathing suit bottoms” on my list. I even brought the top I needed to match with me so I could find the right color. But I didn’t find what I needed.) What I did find were two things I really wanted to buy:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.46.05 PM

I am such a sucker for pop culture t-shirts. I am also approximately 10 years too old for them now so it’s probably good that I was doing this “routine maintenance” today.

Next it was time to meander through the kitchen stuff. I know what you’re thinking “WHY? This is a terrible idea! You are going to want things!” I know! But I needed a new dish scrubber brush thingy. I found that…and also these:


This is a tough one. Because that price tag is saying “What’s $3 if it will bring you joy every time you salt and pepper your eggs?” And my brain was saying “Stay strong! Do it for the blog!” But then my brain was also like “You do wish you had a hedgehog for a pet and these guys look super low maintenance. You could have two!”

But I kept moving…into furniture and this random new section that appears to change themes and is filled with stuff that I NEED in my life. Like weird driftwood art and pillows that say things like “sail away.” (I think the theme was summer/beach.) But the thing I really almost bought was this lamp:

IMG_2337 (1)

It has shelves! And my living room is kinda dark. Like it’s definitely missing a lamp in one corner. Not gonna lie…I’m probably going to order this one online. But that’s not an impulse purchase because I’m going to think about it first and see if it really sparks joy.

Then it was time to get the grocery items on my list. This is always dangerous territory. There’s PB&J snack mix (also known as the snack mix that once disappeared all in one afternoon and started the “no desk snacks with peanut butter in the title” rule) and SO MUCH CEREAL and flavored coffee that I haven’t tried yet… #yikes! The thing I most wanted today  was this guy:


My friends and I would always get these bears in college and then sit on the futon and watch reruns of The Nanny and eat animal crackers. After each episode, we’d ask our Magic 8 Ball if we should get up and do homework now…and then if the Magic 8 Ball said yes, we’d ask again. (Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, please know that every once in a while I did a little bit of studying…while watching reruns. #favoritechild) There was a lot of nostalgia happening as I looked at this little guy…but I realized that I didn’t need to eat him alone. Had my college BFFs been there though? We would have bought three!

And then my shopping trip was done. I made it all the way to the checkout without buying something I didn’t need or plan on. I stood there thinking about how shopping at Target without making impulse purchases is cheaper but NO fun! So I broke down just as the cashier was ringing up my last item and threw this on the pile:

IMG_2341 (1)

Because it’s Prince Harry! And he’s talking about Diana! And I’ve been sick all week and I needed a treat. Whatever…I still spent about a third of what I usually do when I go to Target. Probably because there isn’t a holiday coming up so there weren’t any themed dish towels for me to buy!


[I’m not sure about the photo credit for the cover photo for this post. I saved it from instagram ages ago because I thought it was funny…but a quick google search tells me A LOT of people on the internet have used it. So I credit: The Internet.]


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  1. TextPatA says:

    This made me miss Target SO MUCH. And I cannot believe you passed up the hedgehog salt and pepper shakers- they are both whimsical and practical! Don’t worry- you can go back in a couple of weeks and they’ll be replaced with adorable porcupines or baby chicks or something.

    Liked by 1 person

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