Finding My “Flow”

You’ve probably heard about the adult coloring book fad. They are truly everywhere. I even saw a display in a bookstore in Iceland! There are many articles that claim this explosion of adult coloring is because a process/project like coloring helps us find our “flow”. And this state of mind is really good for us. It’s almost meditative.

See to read more about “flow”.

So naturally, I needed a “flow” activity on my list of things to try. Lucky for me, I went upstate to visit my parents last weekend. And that bumped “flow” to the top of my routine maintenance list.

My mom is super creative and crafty. Though I do consider myself creative, I’ve never been good at crafts and physically creating things the way she is (you should see the Halloween costumes she made for us as kids!). One of the things she’s particularly good at is needlepoint. She has made all sorts of gorgeous things like this pillow for my bed:


And my Christmas stocking:


But those are just two of my favorites. She has also made belts, coasters, ornaments, framed needlepoint art…the list goes on. So before I went home this weekend I sent her an email asking if we could have a needlepoint lesson. She was happy to teach me and luckily she’s a really patient teacher so it was a very enjoyable process. We started by just looking at how you make the stitches:


But that wasn’t really flowing for me. Probably because I’m really a rule follower at heart. So a blank canvas and some practice stitches just didn’t really have enough structure for me. (Note to self: This blog is about breaking OUT of your structured routine. You are already failing on post #2.)

So then we decided that I needed to practice on a simple shape before I tackled a real project. So my mom painted a canvas with a circle that had some stripes on it. I got to pick the colors so naturally I went with pink and green because you may be able to take the girl out of the country club…but you’ll never break me of my love for all things preppy!

Anyway…turns out you can get into the flow really quickly! I have found that I love just sitting quietly and stitching. Or putting on a podcast and getting lost in both Sarah Koenig’s voice (Serial, FTW!) and the methodical stitching.


I also love that it’s my mom teaching me this new skill, because it means I can text her anytime I have a problem and she knows exactly how to fix it:


I still have some work to do before I finish my practice circle and start my first real project (a small Christmas ornament my mom picked out). But I think I’ve already found my “flow”!


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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    Wow! Your mother seems really creative.

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